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Down Selling Commemorative Shirts for Show Cancelled in Aftermath of Phil Anselmo’s Racist Actions

  • Phil Boozeman


Want to commemorate something that didn’t happen? Want a piece of merch you can pull out to try and catch people in a lie? Then you need the new shirt from Down!

As has been well-documented in the metalsphere, Phil Anselmo came under fire earlier this year for giving the Nazi salute and shouting “White Power!” at a show. As a result, the “Lundi Gras” show Down were supposed to play on February 8 in New Orleans that was cancelled — but not before they had produced t-shirts specifically for that gig. Rather than let those shirts sit in a warehouse forever, the band has now decided to sell them online.

On the one hand, it makes sense for the band to be selling the shirts, because taking the loss likely would not have been a financially responsible decision. But on the other, why sell shirts for a show that didn’t happen because of your vocalist being a bigot? Although people might not associate the shirt with racism, selling the shirt in light of that fact could easily be seen as the band not really caring about everything that transpired. Not that metalheads are the most sensitive of people… but it could still be seen as being in poor taste.

[Via The PRP]

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