Bruce Dickinson Invented a Dance

  • Axl Rosenberg

Anyone seen Hot Tub Time Machine 2? (Shut up. It’s on Amazon Prime.) Weird movie. Fucking dark. Like, there’s a sequence (oh yeah SPOILERS) involving gay rape for the sake of winning a gameshow hosted by Christian Slater. I’m not making that up.

ANYWAY, one recurring joke involves the fate of Craig Robinson’s character, Nick Webber, a singer who learns that in the future, he creates a completely ridiculous dance known as “The Webber Strut.” As multiple characters in the film note, it looks like the dancer is picking dicks off of a dick tree.

I mention this ridiculous nonsense because it’s the first thing I thought of when I saw this on The PRP this morning:

There’s something reassuring about knowing that even Bruce Dickinson can’t be cool all the time, isn’t there? Like, the next time you do something really lame like tripping in public or getting caught listening to Mushroomhead on Spotify, just come home and watch this and remember you’re only human!

bruce dickinson climb like a monkey

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