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Re-tooled Lord Mantis Unveils “Safer” New Track


Lord Mantis 2016 NTW

Sometime in 1985, Van Halen parted ways with their frontman David Lee Roth. Nobody on Earth thought of it as a smart move for band leader Eddie Van Halen to have watched him go (or fired him, or drunk-forgot who he was), so central was Roth to the VH vibe and success. Yet, the next phase of Van Halen represented a high-IQ maneuver, by accident or not: With new vocalist Sammy Hagar, VH was so distinct in vibe that fans could simply view them as a new band unrelated to Roth’s VH. Liberated by that act of mental uncoupling, fans could love the poppy, middle-aged Van Halen. Totally clean slate. To it we even assigned a new name: Van Hagar.

Lord Mantis, on the other hand, don’t want to be viewed as a new version of the band they were just two years ago before their major line-up change. Frontman Charlie Fell is long gone — his debut at the helm of USBM titans Cobalt arrives tomorrow — but new Lord Mantis’ first jam “SIG Safer” wipes no slates clean for fans; it attempts the sound of Death Mask, Fell’s opus of scum sludge from 2014. Knowing what we know about their split, can fans convene a new jury for New Lord Mantis? Or is what the band is attempting tantamount to a body-switch: You’ve laid down with your hot gf, but open our eyes mid-bang to find her so-so friend beneath you kinda making the same groaning noises so you wouldn’t notice.

New Lord Mantis’ debut EP NTW is out April 29 via New Density. Pre-order here.

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