Video: Slipknot/Stone Sour Vocalist Corey Taylor Covers Prince’s “Purple Rain” and “Little Red Corvette”

  • Axl Rosenberg

In case you just woke up from a coma… well, first of all, congratulations, and second of all, bad news, Prince died yesterday. Sorry to bum you out right off the bat.

ANYWAY, in what Metal Injection correctly classifies as an “odd coincidence,” Corey Taylor just so happened to be booked at First Avenue, the Minneapolis that hosted many an early Prince performance. Given that Taylor has covered “Purple Rain” before, I’d wager he would have played the song as a tribute even if he was booked in Tokyo. But obviously, the opportunity to do it from a stage Prince himself has stood was was too fitting to pass up.

As a bonus, Taylor also performed “Little Red Corvette.” If he’d only added “Blue Light” and “Cream” to the set, he would have gone through all the colors of Prince’s rainbow. Watch:

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