Watch: Dave Mustaine Shows off New House and Terrible Video Skills

  • Phil Boozeman

I love Dave Mustaine. Not because I’m a huge Megadeth fan, but because he makes my job really fucking easy the same way George W. Bush made Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s jobs a piece of cake. In a video posted earlier this week, Dave Mustaine walks viewers into his new house in Nashville, Tennessee, which he purchased to help further his daughter’s country music career. There are, however, a few problems:

  1. Dave’s video skills have not improved whatsoever because he still films cell phone videos in portrait mode.
  2. The first minute and a half of the 2:17 video are nothing but complete darkness with Dave talking about a bonfire we can’t see.
  3. When he opens the door, he immediately turns his attention to filming his football-sized dog instead of showing more of the house.
  4. You don’t see the inside of the house.

I’m not quite sure how Dave managed to be unaware that there was nothing to see for half of his video while recording it, but anything is possible with that guy considering some of the shit that comes out of his mouth. Whatever, at least it seems like he’s enjoying his new home, and from the walkway to the front door alone it looks really nice. Not nearly as impressive as the MetalSucks Mansion, but hey, the man can still try.

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