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Drunkenness solves so many problems.  For one, the concerns of others instantly fade to distant echoes in the boozy clockwork of your own mind.  For a third, logical patterns become entirely unnecessary, and the chaotic experience of spinning human emotion bound to spinning globes trapped in spinning discs feels as natural as… what was I saying?  And inebriation is probably the only state of mind that can make Wrong’s warped compositions feel like more like straight lines and less like the frothing, smash-mouthed hardcore romps they are.

Wrong play a style that the oldsters call “noise rock,” a sound that bears all the sonic markers of grind but slides the pace down to recognizable 4/4 time, as if Nails tried like hell to be Devin Townsend but failed fucking miserably.  I’m sure those sound like some piss-poor touchstones, but listen to closer “High Chair” and tell me I’m wrong.

On the Minneapolis duo’s self-titled document of debilitating, reeling finger-pointing, Wrong find a way to marry straight-ahead ‘core beatdowns to red-meat metal guitar solos and glitteringly aggressive post-y atmospheres (see second track, “Turn In,” for all three tied together perfectly).  It’s not a pretty combination – the volume-maxed buzzing and snarled vocals make sure of that – and it’s not initially all that inviting, but after getting drawn into the album’s deep tracks, the allure grows and definitely warrants multiple listens.  It’s a concise 30-minute package, too, so it never wears out its welcome.  Songs hang out in the 90- to 180-second range, and every beat carries the momentum forward; no filler here, for sure.  Highlights include the rabid “Read,” the spacious and raving “Stasis,” the spastic sway of “Fake Brain” and the aforementioned gorgeous “High Chair.”  Really, though, every song fills its time admirably and makes for a bracing listen.  Lovers of artless bludgeoning can celebrate the record’s tooth-loosening punches, and more discerning ears should get excited about the thoughtfully crafted layers of riffs, chords and noise that fortify each track.

 While driving around (not drunk, for better or worse) with this album, at some point my dashboard display of Album/Artist/Song read “Wrong Wrong Wrong.”  At that moment, everything felt right, right, right.

Wrong’s Wrong will wrelease April 29 on Wrelapse. You can stream the track “Boil” here and pre-order the album here.

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