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Ace Frehley Once Got a B.J. While Dimebag Watched


ace frehley and dimebag

Not-so-humble brag: one of the coolest parts of my job is that I’ve gotten to share some very special moments with musicians I idolize. Birthday drinks with Pig Destroyer! Studio time with Gojira! Cease and desist orders from Axl Rose! It can all be very, very exciting.

That being said, I’ve yet to see any of my heroes’ oh-faces… and that, apparently, is just one of the many differences between myself and Dimebag.

In a new video interview with Loudwire, legendary KISS guitarist Ace Frehley — one of Dime’s greatest inspirations — reveals that he once spent a debaucherous weekend with the Pantera guitarist and his longtime partner, Rita Haney. And how did that weekend conclude? Well, according to Space Ace…

“Some hookers came over at the end of the weekend, so… It got a little crazy. I got a blowjob… in front of Rita and Dimebag. They were watching. It was crazy. But I didn’t care, ’cause I was kinda loaded. And so were they, so… everybody was just like one big happy family.”

Well that is… weird. I mean… I hope everyone had a good time? But holy shit, I will be only too happy to go to my grave having never seen anyone I admire get dome. Like, I don’t even wanna see my own face while receiving head, let alone this ugly mackerel’s. I guess it’s just lucky it was Ace and not Gene Simmons — I’ve heard if you look into his eyes while he’s orgasming, you turn to stone.

Watch the entire interview below.

[via Metal Injection]

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