According to Black Stone Cherry, Lemmy Was Generous with His Cocaine


For a second, forget about your standards, your morals, and your body being a temple. Now, ask yourself this question: if you toured with Motörhead, and the dudes in the band offered you a snort of cocaine, would you do it? If the answer is ‘no,’ you’re a lameass and I don’t want to know you.

Thankfully, I don’t know the guys in Black Stone Cherry, because they revealed to Swedish webzine RockSverige.se that while touring Germany with Motörhead in 2009, they were offered cocaine daily and refused! What the fuck, guys?

Bassist Jon Lawhon said the following:

We did meet Lemmy and spoke with him and the funniest thing from the whole tour was that all of them would offer us whisky and coke every day. Not [Coca-Cola], but cocaine. We were, like, ‘We can get down with the whisky, but with the cocaine, we’re all right.’ But it was every day that they would offer it to us, and every day we told them, and got the same speech every day: ‘Can’t believe you’re in rock and roll and don’t do cocaine.’ And we were just, like, ‘We just talked about this yesterday.’ [Laughs] They just didn’t realize they had just said the same thing to us the day before. [Laughs]

“Everything you imagined Lemmy to be and Motörhead to be, they were. He called you a jackass in a heartbeat. [Laughs] He didn’t care and he had no remorse whatsoever. We tried to be as PC as possible, but we eventually got tired of that. [Laughs]”

First off, writing “[Laughs]” has never not made me want to jump off a building. Second, guys, I’m pretty sure they didn’t forget they’d asked you the same thing the day before, they were just hoping you’d grown a pair overnight.

Third, and most importantly, look, I’ve done cocaine and it is truly wretched in a lot of ways, especially when you run out of it and find yourself at 5:00am lying in bed grinding your teeth and desperately trying to get to sleep. But if Lemmy Kilmister offers you some blow, you do at least a bump. You don’t have to go full Escobar or ruin your fucking life, but this is Lemmy here. The Great Man is being generous with a very expensive drug. Are you really going to turn that down because, what, you have principles? Nuts to that. You’re on tour with Motörhead. All bets are off.

Anyway, Black Stone Cherry have obviously lost their chance to remedy this issue. They may not go through their lives addicted to that sweet Bolivian marching powder, but they also didn’t get to rage all night rocking a nose-geode alongside Motörhead. Nice going, boys.

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