Motörhead Claim Black Stone Cherry Lied About Being Offered Cocaine


Yesterday, we posted about a recent interview in which bassist Jon Lawhon of Kentucky rockers Black Stone Cherry said he was offered cocaine daily by the members of Motörhead when his band toured Germany with them in 2009.

The post caused some ire among many of our commenters, who both claimed we supported drug addiction and pointed out that Lemmy didn’t do cocaine–he was openly against the drug, favoring speed. Black Stone Cherry even decided to comment on our Facebook post, insisting we’d somehow misquoted or misunderstood them:


Which is bullshit. First off, what did Lawhon say “lightly?” He claimed a band offered him coke daily. Was that meant to be a joke? Second, our post basically said, “BOO, you should’ve done blow with Lemmy!” We didn’t “run with” anything, we just reported a thing he said and laughed about it.

However, it now appears that Motörhead, or their management, is not happy about Lawhon’s comments The following was just posted on Motörhead’s Facebook page:

This leaves us to wonder: what’s the truth? On the one hand, I was totally unsurprised to hear Motörhead’s members enjoyed cocaine, because hey, they’re rock stars. White line fever, right? On the other hand, given how openly decadent Motörhead are, one assumes that they wouldn’t be defensive about something that actually happened. That band was, if anything, brutally honest.

So, again: what was the point of Lawhon’s comments? Even if it was said jokingly towards the end of the interview, as is now being claimed by Black Stone Cherry’s publicists, what was it meant to convey? Was it supposed to add to Motörhead’s rock star legend? Because the fact that Lawhon’s comments were all about how the dudes from BSC turned the coke offered to them down implies degeneracy more than it does impressive drug stamina or what have you. That’s the Frankie Palmeri definition of satire.

Anyway, we’ll see how Black Stone Cherry responds to Motörhead’s post. But once more: nice going, guys. Way to be.

[via Metal Insider]

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