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New Katatonia Song “Serein:” Where Farts and Misty Rain Unite


Katatonia - The Fall of HeartsWhen Katatonia released their new track “Old Heart Falls” back in March I initially misread its title as “Old Fart Halls.” A mental image popped into my mind of a little kid running up and down a Shining-like hotel room hallway while letting his butt toot furiously and giggling like a hyena, and I chuckled on the inside. I then imagined this scene set to a Katatonia song — any of their songs, really, since they’re all so damn sad — the juxtaposition which only made things even funnier. Yeah, I have the sense of humor of a six-year-old, what’s it to you? And also… fuck you, farts will always be funny!

So: Katatonia’s new song “Serein” does not inspire dreams of flatulent adventures at the local inn, but I did just learn that a serein is a “fine rain falling after sunset from a sky in which no clouds are visible.” Sounds about right for Katatonia.

All kidding aside, I like this track a lot just as I like everything Katatonia have put out, well, pretty much ever. This band has a keen sense for melancholic melody, the vocal harmonies here hit me hard, and there’s a cool synth interlude in the middle that gave me the shivers. Solid entry into the Katatonia canon all around.

The Hall of Farts drops May 20th on Peaceville; order here.

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