Dying Fetus Scatter Fan’s Ashes in the Pit at Chicago Show


If they weren’t already holding the title, Dying Fetus might have just won the award for Most Brutal Band Ever. Last night during the Chicago stop of the Metal Alliance Tour, the band fulfilled a deceased fan’s last request by scattering his ashes in the pit.

Shortly before the show, the following was posted on the band’s Facebook:

Man, I hope that some day, my remains are kept in a test tube with my name scrawled on it.

Later in the night, the band followed up with the following:


So, that’s awesome–that Dying Fetus were able to grant a fan’s last request, that they have fans whose last requests involve having their ashes scattered at a show, and that a crowd of Dying Fetus fans got to mosh in the ashes of a dead Dying Fetus diehard.

Anyway, hats off to the guys for doing Nick a solid, and congrats to Nick, who, wherever he is, can rest easy knowing that his remains were scattered among the sweaty mouth-breathers at a death metal show. Here’s “Homicidal Retribution” in his honor. Be sure to catch Dying Fetus at one of the dates here.

[via Metal Insider]

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