The New Doom Launch Trailer is the Most Metal Thing You’ll See Today


No video game will ever be as metal as Doom, the revolutionary first-person shooter that took fans to Cyber-Hell and soaked them in the gore of evil’s fleshy, Gigerian true face. Add a raging death metal-esque soundtrack, a weapon of mass destruction with the word ‘Fuck’ in its name, and the fact that it’s called DOOM, and you’ve got the most brutal gaming experience of all time.

And I’m happy to report that it’s getting an upgrade. Dropping Friday the 13th, the new game in this classic franchise has just released its launch trailer, and it’s just balls-out metal, filled with ominous robots, looming infernos, and unholy blasphemies. The modern-day graphics are breathtaking, adding among other things an awesome sense of scale, that allows you to blow away both scuttling dog-sized horrors and towering behemoths bigger than skyscrapers.

And hey, sure, the protagonist’s look is a bit of a rip-off of Halo‘s Master Chief these days, but who gives a fuck about how you look in Doom? It’s all about the monsters, and man, this one’s got ’em in spades. If you’re interested in ’90s nostalgia, go play the original. If you like watching every version of the Devil you’ve ever known getting shot point-blank in the fucking face, get in here.

Watch the Doom launch trailer below and mutter, “Fuck yes” for the rest of the day. Doom drops this Friday via Bethesda.

[via iHorror]

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