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Rob Zombie Digs Babymetal, and You Can Eat His Ass if You Don’t Like It


Two artists who metalheads love to hate on these days are Rob Zombie and Babymetal, and with both artists I consider the hatred as funny as it is stupid. Well, apparently Zombie recently met up with Babymetal, posting the following to his Facebook page:

Of course, some folks decided to come out with the novel opinion that, unnngh, Babymetal are lame and not real metal. And Zombie responded, basically telling them that they didn’t know what they’re talking about:


“They roll harder than you.” Beautiful.

See, here’s the thing. Everyone’s like, “Rob Zombie just makes the same big dumb jock jam metal song over and over” or something along those lines (rarely acknowledging that Cannibal Corpse have been doing something similar throughout their career and are still the bomb), same way they bitch about how Babymetal isn’t metal, but pop music. And they never acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, these people do this because they do not give a fuck.

That’s why I love Rob Zombie, and I love this response. You can whine like a bitch, and he’ll call you a bitch. End of story

Anyway, hats off to Rob. And if you’re planning on railing against false metal sometime today, the picture in this post is my advice to you.

Thanks to @djclickbait for the heads up.

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