You Will Want to Be Enslaved by God Enslavement

  • Axl Rosenberg

Adam Jarvis, drummer for Misery Index, Pig Destroyer, and Fulgora, thought he wasn’t already in enough awesome bands, so he started another. Hey, it’s tough being this talented, but Adam is will to take on that burden for your enjoyment, you fucks.

ANYWAY, Mr. Jarvis’ latest contribution to extreme music arrives in the form of God Enslavement, in which he joins five other equally-talented metal musicians: vocalist Vincenet Matthews (ex-Dying Fetus, Criminal Element), guitarist Björn Köppler (ex-Tombthroat, Maladie), guitarist Kevin Olasz (Deadborn, Maladie), guitarist Déhà (Maladie, Yhdarl), and bassist Julian Roos (ex-Retaliation, Shattered). The band’s mission statement is “to worship old school Death-Grind,” which they do with considerable panache: their trampling debut, Consuming the Divine, sounds like a hybrid of Asphyx, Immolation, and Dying Fetus. If that doesn’t make your dick hard, no amount of Viagra in the world can help you.

Check out Consuming the Divine below. You can buy it here!

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