Listen: Angel Du$t Back to ‘Rock the Fuck on Forever’

  • Anso DF

You’re hosting a houseful of buds for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon. Everybody’s a current or new fan of that band Turnstile, so the band’s 2015 instant classic plays on your speakers as dudes gab, share doobs, and in the case of myself and MS co-chief Vince Neilstein, stare into each other’s eyes. Soon its final notes are hanging in the air, and excitedly you know exactly what next jam will sneakily thrill your brahs.

Few present know yet that it even exists, so quiet and recent was its release. But it’s the work of an actual and spiritual cousin to Turnstile, and therefore warmed by ambient heat from American loud music’s hottest emerging act. It’ll thrill those who might recognize it, though they will struggle to reconcile the jump in awesomeness since its authors’ 2014 debut.

Lovers of Torche and Clutch will perk up via their love of warm, mushy power chords, ace hooks, and pushed-back vocals of modest range. Elsewhere, this compact tour de force will earn the attention of your guests who respond to the tendency of, say, Quicksand and the Deftones to mismatch tempos and moods as a way to tilt the frame of a traditional portrait. Heck, a pair of lounging dudes may be overheard linking the album’s vibe to Texas Is The Reason and Suicidal’s How Will I Laugh Tomorrow. Soon they’ll all want a full replay (or two) so don’t wait to send out for more beers. It’s called Rock The Fuck On Forever by Angel Du$t, crank it up!

Angel Du$t’s sophomore album Rock The Fuck On Forever came out Friday via Pop Wig. Get it here and here.

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