Iron Maiden: Lithuanian Children Scared Shitless by Eddie the Head, Too


You may recall that this past September, a poster for Iron Maiden’s ongoing Book of Souls tour was deemed “too scary” for German children on account of the admat featuring Maiden’s mascot, Eddie the Head. Which seemed ridiculous, but whatever, Germany specializes in being ridiculous.

Unfortunately, however, ANOTHER Maiden poster featuring Eddie has been banned — this time by Germany’s neighbors, Lithuania.

Newsweek reports that, are concerned that “the band’s trademark Eddie the Head skeleton mascot may frighten children.” As a result, they’ve ordered the Lithuanian branch of Live Nation — the promoters putting on the tour — to “immediately take down the posters.” Which is ridiculous; unless Lithuanian children are especially sensitive, I doubt very much they’ll be too frightened by Eddie. I mean, look at it this way: Maiden has been using Eddie on posters and merch for decades now, and the reported instances of kids freaking the fuck out as a result are… none.

So why are Lithuanian authorities so concerned? My gut says they don’t like Iron Maiden and are using the safety of their kids as an excuse to practice censorship and try and hurt Maiden’s ability to successfully perform in Lithuania.

But who knows, maybe Lithuanian children really just are all extra super-soft pussies.

ANYWAY, there’s no word on what the new posters will look like, but I assume it will be something like this:

iron maiden child friendly tour poster

If that scares any children, those children should be considered a lost cause and led off a cliff. Just sayin’.

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