“Peaches, Cream, and the Placenta”: -(16)- Have One Fucked Up Tasting Menu


I have multiple female acquaintances who have gone through, or are going through, the human spawning process right now, and it seems like they’re all doing creative things with their placentas. One is taking it in pill form. Another is putting it in a smoothie. I’d always heard that this was practiced, and that consuming the placenta is good for mother and shrieking brood alike, but it just seems like there’s no way to serve up that uterine goodness in a really classy manner.

Or so I thought! Cali sludge merchants -(16)- have just released a video for “Peaches, Cream, and the Placenta”, a new track from their upcoming album Lifespan of a Moth, via Decibel, and not only does the title suggest a delicious new placenta recipe, the song itself is thick and bloody enough to imply that maybe -(16)- have been trying this new concoction out, and it’s been making them tough and mean. If only more mothers took their advice from sludge metal bands, maybe we’d have less war (or maybe widespread cough syrup addiction would engulf the country).

Anyway, check out “Peaches, Cream, and the Placenta” below. Lifespan of a Moth drops July 15th, but you can pre-order it here.

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