“Infinite Oblivion”: Brain Drill Back to Drilling Brains

  • Axl Rosenberg

Six long years after the release of their last album, Brain Drill is back! Well, uh, at least kinda sorta: the band is down to one original member, guitarist Dylan Ruskin. Ruskin is now joined by drummer Alex Hernandez-Bent (Arkaik, ex-Battlecross) and vocalist Travis Morgan (who was Atheist’s touring vocalist for awhile). But given that Brain Drill’s line-up has never exactly been what you’d call “solid,” and that Ruskin was always the band’s leader, I don’t think this should bother fans too too much.

Especially after they hear Brain Drill’s new drilling of the brain, “Infinite Oblivion,” which debuted yesterday on Metal Injection. Not only does the song totally wreck, but there’s no discernible difference in the sound from old Brain Drill. Listen:

If you dug that, the song’ll appear on Brain Drill’s new album, Boundless Obscenity, which comes out July 2.

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