Sewercide Are as Cool as Their Name



Tonight, Undergang’s and Spectral Voice’s Melting Across America Tour kicks off in Denver (more information here). While I was checking out the openers to see what I thought (which also include Rotstrotter, Deathgrave, and Denver’s own Nekrofilth), I discovered a band named Sewercide from Melbourne, Australia.

And maybe I’m easily won over, but when I find a band with a name as cool as ‘Sewercide’, I have to listen to them, just to make sure they’re as good as the name suggests.

Lucky for me, Sewercide fucking rule. These guys sound like Scream Bloody Gore and Darkness Descends get into a bar fight at a Power Trip show. Their mix of old-school sensibilities and modern production and dynamism creates a full-force assault that will blow the steaming guts out of your lower back. When you don’t want to get caught up in any specific subgenre of a subgenre–when you just want that blistering death metal funneled directly into your ass–put these dudes on.

Listen to Sewercide’s 2015 EP Severing the Mortal Cord below, or stream their 2016 release Immortalized in Suffering in full at Decibel. Excited to see what these guys have in store for the future, but mostly just excited to dislocate my head to their set tonight.

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