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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: March 3, 2015

  • David Lee Rothmund


Hi MetalSucks reader! Welcome back to Shit That Comes Out Today, your satanic bible of this week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams — and everybody wins. And if we missed any legit new shit, we beg you to email us! Thanks! Now crank it up!


Sannhet - RevisionistSannhet
Revisionist (The Flenser)
On a playlist with: Inter Arma, Woe, Altar Of Plagues
Listen Revisionist full stream (

In the world of instrumental post-whatever, it’s harder to capture your mind “musically.” Yes, you get progressive licks, interesting song structures, and plenty of moody discordance. But where are moving bits? What exactly is left to take over the duty of a vocalist who is supposed to draw you in? Revisionist is one of those rare instrumental albums that sings to you without ever peeping a word!


Death Engine MudDeath Engine
Mud (Throatruiner)
On a playlist with: Plebeian Grandstand, As We Draw, Alpinist
Listen Mud full stream (

Noise is necessary. We metal fans are not strangers to recognizing beauty in chaos. What about beauty in Mud? Well, it’s there, in typical Throatruiner form: fast, fuzzy, French, and furious. Death Engine churns up miles and miles of pantomime and noise — take the drive, it’s well worth it! But don’t forget your Tylenol and a cold, wet rag.


Imperial Triumphant Abyssal GodsImperial Triumphant
Abyssal Gods (Code 666)
On a playlist with: Hate Eternal, Gorguts, Cephalic Carnage
Listen “Dead Heaven” (

If you’re looking for even more noise, turn to Imperial Triumphant! Abyssal Gods edges on being straight-up cacophonous, but not so close that you get completely lost. Actually, it gives you the head-spins and a bunch of other psychosomatic effects, so dig in and don’t forget to schedule an appointment with a shrink!


Sabertooth ZombiesSabertooth Zombie 
Human Performance IV (Twelve Gauge)
On a playlist with: No Sir, Swamp Thing, Mind Eraser
Listen “The Headache” and “Gardens Of Loss” (

Y’all each have a local metal band which kind of just sells itself, right? With a name like Sabertooth Zombie, how hard could it be for these guys? Notwithstanding, you’re gonna find tons of hyper-punk on Human Performance IV: punchy vocals, punchy riffs, punchy beats. I bet these guys play a killer live show (chime in if you’ve managed to catch them at some point).


Kjeld SkymKjeld
Skym (Hammerheart)
On a playlist with: Carach Angren, The Crown, Goatwhore
Listen Skym full stream (

In STCOT last week there was a blurb about Carach Angren — a bunch of dudes who went for the non-post approach in black metal. Expect much of the same from Kjeld, just less evil but much sharper. In fact, both of these bands go hand-in-hand in reminding us that being traditional can still be modern (and heavy) as fuck. Listen to them back-to-back!


Tähtiportti (Svart) 
On a playlist with: The Algorithm’s demented Finnish cousin
Listen Tähtiportti full stream (

Whether this counts as metal is entirely up to you. And that’s kind of the point — this heavy/dark electronic music, where does it go? How about into your brain, for starters! After getting an earful from the other five bands on this list, you’re going to need to decompress. Or maybe re-compress? Tähtiportti might reprogram your brain. Danger.



Acherontas Ma IoN (Formulas of Reptilian Unification) (WTC) listen
Apostate Time Of Terror (Ferrum) listen
Autumnia Two Faces Of Autumn (Solitude) listen
Bleak Bleak EP (Blasphemour) listen
Embrional» Caveat Kobayashi Maru EP (Tridroid) listen
Cherubs 2 Ynfynyty (Brutal Panda) listen
Devathorn Vritra (WTC) listen
Disrupted Heavy Death EP (Apocalyptic) listen
Dysrider Bury The Omen (Tenacity) listen
» Embrional The Devil Inside (Hellthrasher) listen
A Forest Of Stars» A Forest Of Stars Beware The Sword You Cannot See (Prophecy) listen
Fossils The Meating EP (Indisciplinarian) listen
From Ashes To New Downfall EP (Better Noise) listen
Fuck Off Hell On Earth II (Revisited & Faster) (Xtreem) listen
Glaciation Sur les Falaises de Marbre (Osmose) listen
Godless Angel Harvester Of Shadows (Inverse) listen
Negură Bunget - TăuHelrunar Niederkunfft (Lupus Lounge) listen
Hiram-Maxim Hiram-Maxim EP (Aqualamb) listen
In Other Climes Leftover (Bastardized) listen
Isabrut Isabrut EP (Iron Bonehead) listen
Ithaqua Initiation To Obscure Mysteries (Iron Bonehead) listen
The Jury And The Saints The Jury And The Saints (SPV) listen
NightLamentations Of The Ashen Libertine Cyst (Fragile Branch) listen
Leucrota Demo (Sentient Ruin) listen
¤ Leviathan Scar Sighted (Profound Lore) listen
Maestus Voir Dire (Domestic Genocide) listen
Monox Perception Changes (Fat Brek) listen
Monsterworks The Existential Codex (Eat Lead & Die) listen
Sewercide Severing The Mortal Cord» Negura Bunget Tau (Lupus Lounge) listen read
» Night Soldiers Of Time (Gaphals) listen
The Scorpions Return To Forever (Universal) listen
Sentinel Beast Depths Of Death reissue (Marquee) listen
» Sewercide Severing The Mortal Cord (Infernal Devastation) listen
Sons Of Texas Baptized In The Rio Grande (Razor & Tie) listen
TauuskSubversion ANIMI (Rogue) listen
» Tauusk Hermit (Cimmerian Shade) listen
Thunderheart Night Of The Warriors (Killer Metal) listen
Trident Shadows (War Anthem) listen
Triumvir Foul An Oath Of Blood And Fire EP (Godz Ov War/Third Eye Temple) listen
UFO A Conspiracy Of Stars (SPV) listen
Various Artists Immortal Randy Rhoads: The Ultimate Tribute (UDR) listen listen listen


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