Axeslasher Sics a Homicidal Maniac on the Police in New Single


It’s easy to forget that thrash is super political, especially given the genre’s obsession with pizza, beer, and thrashing good times. But thrash has always courted punk’s political outrage and disillusionment. For example, Municipal Waste may be old masters at the art of partying, but they’re also happy to tell Donald Trump to eat a bullet.

Similarly, though they’re a bunch of horror hounds whose official symbol is the pizzagram, the dudes in Denver’s Axeslasher are not happy with the police following the shootings of Alton Sterlin in Baton Rouge and Philando Castile in Minnesota. Yesterday the band released a new track titled “In the Woods There is No Law,” about a group of thrashers leading some cops into the woods where they’re slaughtered by a chainsaw-wielding woodland psychopath.

The track was released, it should be noted, before the shootings in Dallas last night that left five cops dead, and one wonders if the band would have held off on releasing the song, or the commentary that came with it, if they’d waited until today to post it. That said, Axeslasher have made it pretty clear their website that they aren’t fans of the police.

Here’s an excerpt of the text that came with the track posting:

“I’ve had this song chambered for a while. I wanted to release it last year. But I’ve kept it under locks because I felt it would be opportunistic to release a song about killing cops at a time when cops erasing innocent black lives dominated the news cycle. I thought it poor taste. I thought I should save it for an EP and just let my anger subside.

“But it keeps fucking happening. Innocent people slain by those sworn to protect them. It’s outrageous. It’s fucking disgusting. We should all be fucking pissed that no movement towards progress is being made on this front.

“Fuck cops. If you’re a cop, Axeslasher doesn’t want you as a fan.”

Damn, all right. Let it be known that all pizza parties and festering corpses aside, Axeslasher are happy to raise the political middle finger.

Listen to “In the Woods There is No Law” below.

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