Metal Band Axeslasher Implicated in #Pizzagate Scandal


There’s a growing movement of crackpots on the Internet who believe in a vast left-wing conspiracy of Washington D.C. insiders controlled by a ring of pedophiles who use code words to communicate their secret desires. The movement, dubbed #pizzagate, centers around a D.C.-area pizza shop called Comet Pink Pong which, it is alleged, Hillary Clinton uses to run a child sex ring.

People actually believe this. Lots of them. The theory seems to have originated in the bowels of Reddit, and has since grown so much that mainstream outlets like the New York Times have been forced to “debunk” it. In case you wondered if the whole “fake news” scandal is really a thing.

And now one of our own has been swept up in the controversy: Denver thrash band Axeslasher, who we’ve covered on MetalSucks plenty of times in the past. The band has always had a penchant for all things pizza-related and Satanic — their frontman calls himself Professor Pizza, and the band’s super-popular t-shirt design of a pizza cut into the shape of a pentagram has been ripped off countless times — and now it’s those very things that’ve made them the targets of the #pizzagate nutjobs.

A recent thread popped up on Voat, a sort of Reddit clone site that emphasizes free speech and privacy over all else, in which people have been dissecting Axeslasher lyrics and images for possible connections to #pizzagate and its child sex ring. Here’s just one:

Never heard, but looks like they are insiders.

And the lyrics show good evidence, that the idea I had few days ago could be true. The reason for all this occult symbolism in the media is not only to provoke us or to make fun about us or to make us stanists as well, like most people claim.

I think it is about making us believe, they are actuall demons. They want us to believe demons are real so we feel as if we are too weak to fight them.

you’re out-powered in this battle how does it feel to be our cattle?
This is what all this disturbing movies, musicvideos and artwork is about. They want us to accept, that they are our masters and we are just cattle.

What led me to the idea was the finding, that actually like 2/3 of all people REALLY believe, that “they” are either Aliens, demons, controlled by demons or what ever.

So I wondered why is this, that suddenly like at least 60% of all people believe in the paranormal. And this Idea is just the perfect answer.

I’m argueing all the time with people who claim they are no humans and all of them are so convinced, but all of them are convinced of different theorys what they are in reality. So the only thing most people agree is, that they are not human…. (they are)

What do you think? Are they human? Because I really don’t want to waste further time with obv. brainwashed people.

Like here: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1442709/6982453

I don’t think there will be any positive feedback. :D

WOW. And I thought the folks who started a white supremacist SubReddit just to bag on MetalSucks were fucking loons. If I were the fellas in Axeslasher I might feel tempted to be horrified, but I think I’d actually feel flattered: this is a crowning career achievement. Well done, dudes!

Read the full Axeslasher #pizzagate thread on Voat here.

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