Informal Reader Poll: Is There A Part Of Your Life You Keep Separate From Metal?


Something interesting I’ve found about Todd Jones from Nails is his openness about keeping his job separate from his band. His feelings are simple: his day job is button-down and corporate, and the people there won’t understand what he does artistically. Worse, knowing that side of him might change how he’s treated. So he doesn’t let anyone at his job know about Nails. He doesn’t invite his coworkers to shows. Metal is church, and his job is state.

It’s easy to think that by not making every aspect of your life metal, or by keeping your metalheaddom to yourself, you are somehow doing metal and injustice. After all, this is the genre that’s in your face, louder than everything else. We’re all supposed to stand up and shout, right? But let’s be honest, even the biggest-name metal acts are relatively underground, so the majority of society still views metal and its fans as a weird cultural outlier. It’s why we always get so uppity when a pop star decides to borrow metal imagery–how dare they casually adopt the aesthetic of our little niche!

So while it maybe isn’t true to not let everyone around you know that you spend your weekends jamming to The Howling Wind, it’s certainly understandable why you wouldn’t if you worry it might alter your life in a way you don’t like.

So, you tell us: is there a part of your life that you keep separate from your love of metal, and if so, what is it? Is it your job? Your church volunteer group? Maybe the PTA, where you worry other parents might flip out and forbid play-dates with your kid if they know you listen to Gorgoroth?

Let us know in the comments section. No judgment.

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