Exclusive Track Stream: Multicult, “Afterward”


Multicult - Position RemoteThe noise rock revival. It’s totally a thing now.

And we couldn’t be more happy. While bands such as Whores and Pigs have garnered a ton of critical acclaim in recent years by updating the grime and grit of progenitors like Today is the Day and Unsane for the modern era, some — like Fight Amp, Triac, The Index and Carrion — have been proudly waving the noise rock flag the whole damn time. Ex-members of those four bands now team up in Multicult (actually a three piece), to release a punishing, groovy slab of modern noise in the form of their new album Position Remote, coming out in August.

One listen to “Afterward” from the album and you’ll immediately get it: punchy, angular guitar, gut-pounding bass and deep, in the pocket drums propel the track forward with an unstoppable energy that should have noise rock greybeards and floppy-haired n00bs alike all bopping their heads in unison. It’s the kind of track anyone with a pulse should be able to enjoy.

Position Remote comes out on August 19th via Reptilian Records; pre-order here.

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