Stream -(16)-‘s Lifespan Of A Moth In Its Entirety Now, RIGHT Now

  • Phil Boozeman


When I saw that the title of California sludge outfit -(16)-‘s album is Lifespan Of A Moth, I was ready to make all sorts of snarky comments about it. Moths, like many other insects, spend a good portion of their life beating themselves to death by repeatedly flying headfirst into light fixtures. As excited as I was to sit here and use all of said snarky comments for the remainder of this post, I can’t… because the music is damn good. And that’s coming from a dude who isn’t usually super into sludge.

The music is slow and heavy, just like you’d expect, and there are plenty of hooks to keep you listening from track to track. It’s filthy in the best of ways, and with all the Pokémon Go hype right now I’m 100% sure this is what the Grimers and Muks will be listening to for the next few weeks. I could easily see Lifespan Of A Moth being the soundtrack to a hated day job, because what sums up a day job better than a creature that intentionally gives itself brain damage just to get through life? Actually, I think I just described the NFL. Whoops.

Anywho, Lifespan Of A Moth drops this Friday via Relapse Records. You can stream the album below.

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