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Video: Scott Stapp Stinks Up A Day to Remember Live Performance


Alternative Press held their annual awards show in Columbus, OH this past weekend, a huge deal to the swoopy-haired music set but probably worthy of a shrug-guy-emoji to most the readers of this blog. Even if it’s not really my thing, I will say this: awards shows like the APMAs are good for the industry as a whole — and only outlets with as wide, and as mainstream, a reach as AP really have the ability to do them — because some percentage of those kids will eventually graduate to more biggerer and more brutaler stuff.

One band who played at the awards that I can kinda get behind: A Day To Remember. I can’t say I’m familiar with much of their stuff, but they seem like legit dudes with punk cred and I’ve enjoyed a few of their songs here and there. There was also that one video with tons of metal dude cameos in it which was pretty cool. ATDR basically play heavy pop-punk, and ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

But what better way to ruin a perfectly fine thing than to bring #2 Yarler of All Time and Creed frontman Scott Stapp into the mix? Christ on a stick, I can’t imagine whose idea this was or why ADTR agreed to do it — either for the money or the lulz, I’d imagine, or both — but fuck, this is terrible! They play the aforementioned ATDR song, followed by Creed’s 1999 hit “Higher.” The audience seems to get a big kick out of the latter which, man, must’ve been hilarious for the dudes in ADTR, but is Scott Stapp really OK with having become a running joke? I guess you’ve got to be if you’re him.

Anyway, watch below via Metal Insider.

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