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That’s “Serpent”ertainment: Eerie Blackens Stoner Metal

  • Anso DF


Life flies by fast, so shortcuts are valuable. That’s why you carefully follow a few sympathetic record labels, writers, and friends; doing so helps shrink the task of separating the must-jams from the pass-for-nows. But any shortcut sacrifices accuracy for time, so an awesome band might sneak past you if they’re on the roster of a label that contributes little to your personal rotation. Maybe it’s Tee Pee Records’ fuzzed-out ’70s-throwback roster hiding an act that resembles Enslaved finding themselves booked at a stoner rally. The artist is called Eerie; from their self-titled debut comes “Hideous Serpent” (below), which inverts the “black” to “hard rock” ratio of its predecessor “Yeti.” Members of Twilight, Witch, Draugar, Futur Skullz, Alaric. Crank it up below (via Rue Morgue)!!

Eerie’s debut is out Friday via Tee Pee. Pre-order here and here.

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