Video: Djent on a 22-String Harp


That mighty rapscallion Rob Scallon is at it again, this time at the behest of money-grubbing Super Metal Records CEO Rick Riffson, a recurring character in Scallon’s videos. His request? Something that djents as hard as possible using more than just a meager 8 strings.

Not having ever laid hands on a harp I have no idea what’s involved in learning to play one, but hats off to Scallon here for tackling a completely new instrument well outside the realm of his usual fare. While some parts of this tune are just, ya know… djent… some of the licks he plays, especially at the end, are quite complex. Maybe Scallon will start a revolution and harp will become the next big thing in metal; look for a tour featuring Scallon and The Harp Twins coming to your town soon.

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