Vince Neil Pleads Not Guilty to Assault Charges, Trial Set for September


Earlier this year, Vince Neil was charged with assaulting a woman who was asking for an autograph from his friend Nicolas Cage. Now, Neil has plead not guilty to the charges leveled against him, and a judge has set a trial date.

Neil, of course, was not present in court yesterday when his plea was entered by his lawyer David Chesnoff, though Chesnoff did say the following on his behalf:

“We’re going to do our own investigation, which we’ve already started. I ask people not to prejudge situations until all the facts come out.”

Hmmm. How much investigation does Vince Neil’s lawyer need to do? It seems like there’s ample proof that Neil shoved or yanked or physically interacted with this woman — the question is simply whether or not that interaction was so violent that in constitutes assault. Maybe I’m a cynic, but I assume this is just a chance for Chesnoff to spin a web of semantic bullshit around what happened so that Neil gets off.

Meanwhile, Justice of the Peace Cynthia Cruz scheduled the trial to begin on September 19th. I guess we’ll see what happens. Meanwhile, watch the video below and imagine how funny it would be to see Nicolas Cage in court describing his fight with Vince Neil.

[via Classic Rock]

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