Here’s a “Real” New Of Mice & Men Song

  • Axl Rosenberg

I’ve spent a good portion of 2016 wondering if I’m mellowing with age. Now I know I am: I listened to Of Mice & Men’s new single, “Real,” expecting to hate it. And I do not hate it!

Which isn’t to say I think it’s a great song. But I totally get why it would appeal to Of Mice & Men’s target audience, which consists of men and women who are considerably more youthful than I. It’s got a good hook. It’s angsty, yet energetic. I’m sure I’d love it if I’d never touched a boob before. I guess it pays to have God on your side after all. (I’m kidding. There is no God.)

Check out “Real” for yourself below, courtesy of SiriusXM. The song will appear on Of Mice & Men’s upcoming album, Cold World, which will be out September 9 via Rise Records.

[via Lambgoat]

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