The NFL Singing “Home Sweet Home” Is Your New “Super Bowl Shuffle”


It’s sad to even imagine this, but some of our younger readers out there might not know about “The Super Bowl Shuffle.” So here’s the deal, kids: in ’85, the same year Hell Awaits came out, the NFL released the following video of the Chicago Bears rapping (as it were) about their championship:

Yeah, what the mainstream understood as rap music was pretty hilarious at the time.

Now, in their attempt to make professional football look like a big happy family and not a concussion factory, the NFL has released this video of people from around the league singing Mötley Crüe’s “Home Sweet Home” to celebrate them returning “home” now that the football season is about to begin. It’s kind of appropriate, as both the League and the Crüe are loved American good ol’ boy institutions that hide dark secrets about drug dependency and spousal abuse. Rocking!

Watch a bunch of football players and sports personalities play air guitar and drums below.


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