Rob Scallon and Sarah Longfield’s Ukulele Cover of Slayer’s “Payback” Will Twang Your Fucking Face off


You know Sarah Longfield from her cover of Job For A Cowboy on the toilet and Rob Scallon for his covers of everything with every item ever. But while these two forces of metal-related hilarity are great separately, together they create a musical entity that will shake you to the core of your guts.

The duo just covered Slayer’s thrash anthem “Payback” on ukuleles at a gathering of weak-hearted dickheads, and as you’ll see they do the track justice. Longfield makes no attempt at nicening the track or taking it out of metal; she screams her fucking lungs out with a twisted sneer on her face (it doesn’t help that Cheryl ate all the fucking cupcakes).

Enjoy the video below. Here’s to hoping Scallon and Longfield do more work together.

[via The PRP]

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