According To Yahoo News, Will Smith Joined Suicide Silence


We knew Will Smith had some predilections towards metal — his daughter headbangs, and he’s not above rocking a pink ‘Love Metal’ shirt — but we didn’t realize he was taking a future in deathcore so seriously.

And yet, according to Yahoo news a couple of weeks ago, Smith didn’t even need to glance at a script to join Suicide Silence:

Oh SHIT. Welp, sorry, Eddie, you’ve had a solid run as vocalist, but the Fresh Prince is here to take your throne. He’s got a whole signature dance created to go along with the new album called the ‘Suicide Shimmy,’ and a couple of great one-liners for stage banter (I can’t wait until someone goes flying off stage and he says, “Yo, that ain’t right”). It’s okay, dude — now’s the time to start pursuing your dream girl!

[via Metal Insider]

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