Baroness Show Gets Almost 200 Heat Complaints


Baroness: so hot right now. And apparently so was their recent show at Pearl Street in Northampton, MA as part of their tour with Pallbearer.

The Daily Hampshire Gazette reports that over 200 people lodged complaints about the venue’s air conditioning and ventilations systems after the Baroness gig, claiming that Pearl Street was so hot it was no place to have a show. Apparently, there were people drinking water from the bathroom sinks, which anyone who’s attended a metal show in the last twenty years knows is suuuuper iffy. Agua no potable, man.

The president of Iron Horse Entertainment, which owns the venue, explained the high temperatures with the following statement:

“We had two of our a/c unit compressors completely freeze, as the outside temperature was 97 degrees with very high humidity…All of our units are being fully replaced, which will hopefully solve this issue from happening again.”

Yikes. It has been a brutally hot summer here in the states.

The band themselves even commented on it via their Instagram:

So, a word of warning to Mass heads who want to see a show at Pearl Street: if it’s a super hot night, you might want to dress in gym clothes. Shit is going to get verschvitzt up in that bitch.

[via Metal Insider]

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