Jeff Hanneman’s Personal Guitar Collection Used For All Rhythm Parts on Broken Hope’s New Album


Remember last year, when Broken Hope’s Jeremy Wagner purchased Jeff Hanneman’s private guitar collection? If not, click here for a video tour of Hanneman’s guitars. They’re pretty boss.

Anyway, Broken Hope have just announced that they’re putting out a new album titled Mutilated & Assimilated, which is apparently a callback to John Carpenter’s The Thing. Even more interesting is that they’ve stated that all rhythm guitars were performed using axes from the Hanneman collection, ostensibly to channel Jeff throughout the album.

This feels a little like a gimmick, if you ask me. While I buy into objects retaining power and influence — yeah, sue me, I like that kind of stuff — I’m not sure you can just call on that power by using them. Do we think Jeff Hanneman is somewhere in the aether, giving Broken Hope a thumbs up? Did is ghost haunt the room where they recorded, breathing new life into Wagner’s fingers? No. The only reason to play the songs using Hanneman’s guitars is to say you did so, which is fine, I guess, but feels like a way to stir up hype rather than kill it on a record.

Anyway, look for Broken Hope’s Mutilated & Assimilated in the near future. You’ll know it by the sticker on the front loudly proclaiming that it was recorded with Jeff Hanneman’s guitars.

[via The PRP]

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