Skrillex Hearts Machine Head


Notable pants shitter Robb Flynn has always been open about liking music other than metal… though some might note that such tendencies resulted in Machine Head’s 1999 album The Burning Red, which many consider to be nu-metal dropping a deuce in the donation box of thrash metal’s holy cathedral.

But according to a post on the Machine Head’s Facebook page yesterday, Flynn recently took his kids to see womp womp DJ Skrillex, and not only did he enjoy himself, but he discovered that Skrillex saw Machine Head live — on the Burning Red tour!

You can read the full post below — it’s long, and has a very dad-ish section about Robb realizing how little women wear to concerts these days — but here’s the moment of revelation:

Ever have that “wait, what?” moment?

That moment where, in the middle of a conversation your inner dialogue just goes “wait, what?”

Mine was when he said…

That he saw us at The Fillmore in San Francisco…

On ‘The Burning Red’ – “Year Of The Dragon Tour” back in 2000…

When he was 13 years old!?

“We blew him away.”

….that is so crazy to me.

16 years ago, this dude, who is essentially one of the biggest artists in the world right now, was a Machine Head fan.


But of course he is! Skrillex has been super-open about his love of metal in the past–the dude used to front screamo bands like From First To Last–and Machine Head fucking rule, so it makes perfect sense.

Of course, to Flynn’s kids, Robb is just Dad, so they gave him infinite shit right up until Skrillex told him he was a fan:

My kids were razzing me on the drive up “Skrillex doesn’t know who YOU are DAAAAAD!”

Let me tell ya, my dad-cool-points skyrocketed for at least an hour when he said he was a fan.


Read the full post below; it includes some really cool musings about electronic music and how ’90s rave culture influenced metal at the time. And anyway, the picture alone is amazing — it looks like Flynn could eat Skrillex. Meanwhile, Skrillex, we salute you for your good taste, and hope to see you in the pit. A fine WOMPWOMPwubububububub to you, sir.

[via The PRP]

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