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Video: Can You Play Guitar Underwater?

  • Axl Rosenberg

In 1993, Poison released their album Native Tongue. The liner notes featured individual portraits of all four band members, and this was the one for then-guitarist Richie Kotzen:

richie kotzen native tongue photo

I remember some dude writing into Guitar World when this photo came out to express rage over the fact that Kotzen had ruined a perfectly good guitar just to submerge it in water for this silly photo.

Whomever that guy was, I sure hope he never sees this video of our homie Trey Xavier from Gear Gods answering a question which I’d wager has passed all of our minds at some point:

Although one can’t help but admire Trey’s devotion to science, what you should really take away from this video is that, even played on an acoustic guitar underwater, Iron Maiden sounds better than Thy Art is Murder. The video’s empirical proof of this assertion alone means that guitar did not sacrifice its life in vain. RIP, Trey’s Yamaha. We’ll always remember you as the hero you were.

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