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This New Seahag EP is the Sonic Equivalent of Drowning in a Toilet



If you’re looking for ugly metal that’s heavier than the Devil’s balls, look no further than Arkansas. That state has produced some of the more evil bands with some of the more killer riffs out there. And if Rwake, Deadbird, and Pallbearer aren’t enough for you, there’s also Seahag, a Little Rock sludge metal band whose music is as nasty as it is awesome, and who “still play and record in a barn.”

Don’t believe me? Give this Liverfest V EP that the band just dropped a spin. It’s only two songs, “Jagertooth Tiger” (buhuhuhuh) and “Arkansad,” but man, these two tracks along bring all the motion-sick riffs, grating vocals, and stomping drums you need for a Monday night of popping pills and spitting at old photos. There’s also some great musicianship on there — “Jagertooth Tiger” has some especially cool guitar leads. You just need to be ready to wade through a lot of bad, bad vibes to get at it.

Listen to the Liverfest V EP below or at Seahag’s Bandcamp. Let’s get ugly.

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