Video: Jungle Rot’s Dave Matrise Appears on Stage with… Volbeat?!?


Volbeat are one of those love ’em or don’t care about ’em bands: either you think they’re the bees knees or, as with me, they elicit a mild shrug. I’ve yet to meet anyone who vehemently dislikes them, although you never know where their supporters are gonna crop up: they seem to attract listeners from all across the metal spectrum.

An unexpected one in Camp Volbeat: Jungle Rot guitarist and vocalist Dave Matrise. The Danish rockers played in Jungle Rot’s hometown of Chicago a couple of nights ago, and vocalist Michael Poulsen invited Matrise up on stage to perform “Evelyn,” giving it an especially brutal treatment.

Perhaps even more surprising is that the love goes both ways: Poulsen told the audience when introducing Matrise that it was a treat to “meet your idols” and that he’s been “a huge fan of this man for many years.” Whodathunkit! But I guess that speaks to Volbeat’s appeal… they draw from many influences, including Big Fat Dumb Guy Death Metal (not a pejorative).

What fan-filmed footage of the song below. Volbeat’s tour continues; get dates here.

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