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Motörhead are Launching Another Beer



It’s no secret that Motörhead liked to hit the sauce–Jack Daniels released a single-barrel whiskey to honor Lemmy’s passing–so it makes perfect sense for them to released licensed booze. In 2012, they put out a Motörhead beer, and just last year they announced a Motörhead whiskey.

But they’re not done yet! The band (or more appropriately, the band and Global Merchandising Services and Camerons Brewery) are releasing another beer, this one an American session pale ale called Road Crew, an obvious reference to the track “(We Are) The Road Crew” off of Ace of Spades. To be fair, there is a line in that song saying, “Another beer is what I need,” which I guess the band took to heart.

To which I say, great, whatever. Booze is the most effective merchandise that this band can create. If you offer me an alcoholic beverage with the Motörhead Warpig on it, I’ll most certainly buy it, and raise it to Lemmy, and maybe cry a little about Lemmy when I’ve had seven of them.

My only issue? The beer is only 5% ABV. Maybe this is my DTs talking, but I’d love for Motörhead to drop a really insane beer with, like, a 9.5% ABV. Maybe a stout, though it might be fun for it to be both super-alcoholic and super easy-drinking, so as to take fans from zero to sixty before they even know it. Any ideas for a name? Let us know in the comments section. I’m going to personally go with ‘Bastard.’

Road Crew will hit the North East and London later this year.

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