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Slayer Are Selling Reign in Blood 30th Anniversary Plaques, If You Need a Plaque



Are you a Slayer fan who somehow thinks there’s not enough Slayer merchandise? Do you long to decorate your living room as though it were the lobby of the Def Jam/American Records offices? Do you want to ruin Thanksgiving? Then my friend, have we got a piece of memorabilia for you.

To honor the thirtieth anniversary of their groundbreaking album Reign in Blood, Slayer are releasing a limited-edition plaque, which features the Reign in Blood album cover, a tracklisting signed by Tom Araya and Kerry King (the other two people who made it are either dead or resentful of Slayer now, yaaaaaay), a ticket stub from a November 3rd, 1984 Slayer show (which, you know, is two years before the album came out), and a certificate of authenticity, so you know it’s real!

The plaque will be released in late October. That said, dedicated fans, the run is limited to fifty, so hurry up and pre-order yours for…wait, $500?!

Sorry, let me drop the carnival barker routine for a second — five C-notes for this? I could probably assemble the parts of this plaque, signatures and all, for at most half that amount. One trip to Michaels and an in-store appearance later, I’ve got my commemorative plaque. Slayer are basically charging their fans $250-300 for a slip of authenticity. That is some bullshit.

Sorry, anyway, HEY, so, if you want this plaque on your wall, hit up the Slayer webstore and drop five hundred fucking dollars on it! Don’t even think about how many beers that could buy you!


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