Go Listen to Brutally Deceased’s Satanic Corpse Right Now



In his latest Shit That Comes Out Today post, Anso DF, MetalSucks’ sole contributor with consistently good taste, compared Brutally Deceased’s new album Satanic Corpse with Tribulation, The Crown, and Goatwhore, which made me raise my eyebrows and think, Huh, I should check these guys out apparently.

So this morning, when I saw that Satanic Corpse was streaming over at No Clean Singing, I figured I’d check it out. So I popped the album on, and ungh, UNNNNGH, IT’S GOOD, IT’S FUCKING GOOOOOOD.

What makes Satanic Corpse so awesome is that it doesn’t fuck around at all, you just dive straight into the kickass riffs and bellowed lyrics about death, evil, and the planet slowly choking on its own vomit. While The Crown is a decent comparison, I’d say that the difference between them and Brutally Deceased is that Brutally Deceased seem considerably less concerned with being super old-school in their atmosphere and imagery; instead, the band is focused on the topics and sound that classic death metal loved rather than classic death metal itself.

Anyway, enough talking. Go to No Clean Singing and listen to Satanic Corpse for yourself (exclusive stream, so we can’t embed it). Then go toss some money at Brutally Deceased via their Bandcamp. Fuck yeah, boys.

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