Enlarge Also: when Ozzy farts in the car, he doesn't roll down the window.

Ozzy Once Accidentally Texted Robert Plant When He Couldn’t Find His Cat


Ozzy and his son Jack Osbourne are currently promoting their new show together, Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour, in which the duo travel around the world visiting various historic sites and all sorts of typically-Osbournian antics ensue. Anyone seen the show yet? I haven’t, though I admit the trailer makes it look entertaining.

Also entertaining: the duo’s appearance on Conan a few nights ago, in which everyone’s favorite red-headed talk show host somehow manages to decode Ozzy’s mumbling and get a few good cracks out of him. Among the things we learn in the below two minute excerpt: 1) Ozzy can’t use smartphones (big surprise), 2) He doesn’t roll the window down when he farts in the car (yuck, dude!), and 3) he once texted Robert Plant by accident when his cat went missing. Say what you will about Ozzy’s performing abilities these days, but the guy’s still an entertaining on-camera personality.

Also: I love the idea of Ozzy freaking out over his lost cat. Awwwwww!

Thanks to MS contributor and late night show enthusiast Max Frank for sending this in.

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