Ozzy’s Mistress Has Now Made Falsehood Allegations Against Ozzy


Remember how Ozzy’s mistress, Michelle Pugh, is suing his daughter Kelly for tweeting her phone number? Well, now Pugh’s lawyers have made an amendment to the lawsuit that includes Ozzy, though whether she’s bringing suit against Ozzy or just using these allegations to support her case against Kelly is unclear.

The issue? Well, according to reputable heavy metal news source People Magazine, the amendment is a falsehood allegation claiming that Ozzy “continually wooed [Pugh] with false promises and false representations as well as requiring complete discretion regarding their relationship.”

Which, in my opinion, officially ruins Pugh’s stance as a victim of a crazy rich family and labels here a complete fucking tool. What the fuck was she thinking, that she’d landed the one married wealthy man committing an infidelity on this planet who was actually going to leave his wife and run away with her? Did his requests for discretion not set off alarms in her head that this was an affair and not the romance of the ages? What a dumbass.

Then again, this is also the woman who painted her affair with Ozzy as a romance novel and said the following:

“You happen to meet someone and you have an amazing connection and it’s not desirable to act upon it. End of story…Do I realize that certain people will not understand? Yes. I am not asking for anyone’s approval.”

Good, because your chances at getting it just ended.

Did Ozzy do a bad thing? Sure did. But Pugh’s not some starry-eyed teenager, she’s a hair stylist to celebrities. These falsehood allegations only prove that she’s either dumb or manipulative, both of which do nothing for her image as the wounded party in this situation.

[via Rock Feed]

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