Shit That Comes Out Today: October 7, 2016

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Hello MetalSucks reader! Welcome to Shit That Comes Out Today, your Satanic bible of this week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams all for your jammage. Now crank this shit up!


Candiria - While They Were SleepingCandiria
While They Were Sleeping (Metal Blade)
On a playlist with: Coalesce, Dillinger Escape Plan, Orange 9mm
Listen “While They Were Sleeping” (here) “Mereya” (here)

It’s awesome that the members of Candiria survived an awful road accident back in 2002. Escaping the list of Tour Vehicle Fatalities by inches is something that will focus a person on the value of life. It could provide the impetus to reprioritize success (ie. Metallica from Puppets to Reload), or it could provide an epiphany and the pursuit of their soul’s true voice, a shed ding of contrivance. Candiria might’ve done either or both, depends whom you ask. Just the fact that it’s up for discussion is a beautiful thing. Long live Candiria.


take over and destroyTake Over And Destroy
Take Over And Destroy (Prosthetic)
On a playlist with: Eerie, House Of Capricorn, Castle
Listen Take Over And Destroy full stream (here)

Emperor Rhombus of MetalSucks on the awesome new shit from Take Over And Destroy: “Channeling old-school death and black metal, as well as bands like Kvelertak and Sarke, [Take Over And Destroy] revels in the psychedelic overtones and Hammer Horror atmosphere of ’70s hard rock acts like Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath. For those who … dig black metal that is not humorless and kvlt, and ’70s rock that is not aimless and indulgent.”


Wither (Chaos)
On a playlist with: Six Feet Under, Waxen, Dismember
Listen Wither full stream (here)

Let’s draw a mostly cosmetic comparison to four-fifths of Obituary around 1990: They are staffed by one of death metal’s awesome voices, John Tardy. And a dazzling lead guitarist with otherworldly tone, James Murphy. An elastic rhythm guitarist, maestro of forward-tumbling riffs and heeled-back grooves, Trevor Peres. Faultless bassist Frank Watkins (RIP). Now, roll all four of those virtuosities into one man and tack on a restrained, Emperor-esque majesty to boot — and wow that’s a large amount of skill. That’s Decomposed’s Jesper Ekstal Lundstedt. The guy is awesome at everything, except maybe drums cuz somebody else plays those on Wither. Crank it up!!!!


Breathe In The Water (Razor & Tie)
On a playlist with: Cyclone Temple, Anthrax, Ayahuasca
Listen “Pristine Warning” (here) “Breathe In The Water” (here)

Imagine you visited the fancy recording studio to search for your lost keys and interrupted a playback of instrumental tracks for the new jam by Kyng, “Pristine Warning.” You’d gesture an apology to the five or six dudes present, then throw them a pair of thumbs-up in approval of the song’s extreme metal rippage. But instead of continuing to duck out of the room, you suddenly stop and lunge into it to double-take at the song’s vocals. So awesome and a bit surprising, singer Eddie Veliz sounds like thrash metal vocals jumped forward in time from 1992 to meet the genre’s 2016 naturalist equivalent (which kinda co-habitates with extreme metal). Elsewhere, Breathe In The Water is groovier, but still the experience is kinda like that dark animated Batman: The Animated Series, where technology is 2055 but design is 1955. Nailed it.


Fix Idé (The Sign)
On a playlist with: Crazy Lixx, Dir En Grey, Marilyn Manson
Listen “Dumhetens Gudinna” (here)

Here in STCOT, sometimes we gotta show some Tid. Go ahead, stare. Actually I stared at this album for a long, long time. Its cover art conveys loneliness, and a problem whose solution tempts danger, a great distance in the most perilous direction. It represents the challenge facing mankind, which totally fills our small field of vision. It is 99% impossible — just as impossible as a weird folky Euro version of a drunk Queensryche/U2/Asia collaboration ever reaching your metal music collection. File under bands that want to “matter.” All lyrics in Swedish. Isn’t their old shit pretty awesome?


Englaryk (Signal Rex)
On a playlist with: Neige Et Noirceur, Useless, Naðra
Listen Englaryk full stream (here)

“We need to talk about Endalok,” writes MS contributor Kim Kelly in her story for Noisey about this demo by what seems like the 15th straight effortlessly great Icelandic band. It’s a demo as in “band just formed,” so yeah, Endalok is new and already better than many, many bands. Moments of Englaryk (title translation: “They known as Anso and Kim know all”seem to actually get lost themselves, such is their cavernous, distant, total darkness. Whoever made the decision to release this demo could’ve waited for a “proper” recording. They didn’t, thank fuck for that.



eschatosAggression The Full Treatment reissue (Xtreem) listen
Aghast! Something Else; Something Rotten (Abducted) listen
Alter Bridge The Last Hero (Caroline) listen listen listen listen
Ceti Snakes Of Eden (Metal Mind) listen
Comrades Lone/Grey (Facedown) listen
Construct Of Lethe The Grand Machination EP listen
Cruz Culto Abismal (Sentient Ruin) listen listen
gatecreeperCrystal Ball Deja Voodoo (Massacre) listen
Dance Gavin Dance Mothership (Rise) listen
Darkness The Gasoline Solution (High Roller) listen
Dayshell Nexus (Spinefarm) listen listen
Death Is Liberty A Statement Darkness (Concorde) listen
Dee Snider We Are The Ones (Red River) listen
Desert Near The End Theater Of War (Metal Scrap) listen
ricardo-remedioThe Devil Wears Prada Transit Blues (Rise) listen
Dreamarcher Dreamarcher (Indie) listen
Eschatos The Grand Noir (2015) (Starwolf) listen
Fatso Jetson Idle Hands (Heavy Psych Sounds) listen
Fit For A King Deathgrip (Solid State) listen
Gatecreeper Sonoran Deprevation (Relapse) listen
Hex Volt The Best Hex Volt EP Ever EP listen
Skogen Svitjog reissueHollywood Monsters Capture The Sun (Cleopatra) listen
Illyrian Round 2: Fight! listen
John Wesley A Way You’ll Never Be (InsideOut) listen listen
Kremlin Kremlin (Svart) listen
Mercyless Pathetic Divinity (Kaotoxin) listen
Meshuggah The Violent Sleep Of Reason (Nuclear Blast) listen review
Monsternaut Monsternaut (Heavy Psych Sounds) listen
solar massMoonspell Irreligious reissue (Century Media) listen
Mouth Of The Architect Path Of Eight (Translation Loss) listen listen
Narthraal Chainsaw Killing Spree EP (Inverse) listen listen
Ortega Sacred States (Consouling Sounds) listen
Project Theory Something Between Us (Sliptrick) listen
Rave The Requvem The Gospel Of Nil (DWA) listen
The Reticent One The Eve Of A Goodbye (Heaven & Hell) listen
ur-draugr haarRicardo Remedio Natureza Morta (Dissociated/Signal Rex) listen
Riti Occulti Tetragrammaton (Triton’s Orbit) listen
Salem’s Bend Salem’s Bend (Ripple) listen
Skogen Svitjog reissue (Nordvis) listen
Solar Mass Pseudomorphosis EP (Iron Bonehead) listen
Sonata Arctica The Ninth Hour (Nuclear Blast) listen
Swampcult The Festival (Transcending Obscurity) listen
watchtower_-_concepts_of_math_-_book_oneTo The Wind The Brighter View (Pure Noise) listen
Ur Draugr/Haar split EP (ATMF) listen
Vultures Vengeance Where The Time Dwelt In EP (Gates Of Hell) listen
Watchtower Concepts Of Math: Book One EP (Prosthetic) listen

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