Here’s Video of WWE Star Seth Rollins Moshing at a Parkway Drive Show


Celebrities just wanna do regular people things sometimes without being accosted by overzealous fans. Ya know? It must be tough to be famous when all you want to do is pick up some kitty litter at the store and you can’t do so in peace.

Same goes for enjoying shows. While I’m sure the VIP section / side stage treatment is great and so is the view, sometimes you just wanna be IN IT down on the floor to get the full experience. Must suck to not be able to do so without being harassed by fans, who these days all wanna take selfies.

Several years ago some footage surfaced of Robb Flynn up in the pit for Metallica singing along to “Master of Puppets” after his band had just finished opening the show. And now WWE superstar Seth Rollins has done the same thing at a Parkway Drive show in Chicago: several fans spotted him up front at the show a couple of nights ago, and at least two of them captured brief video clips of Seth rocking the fuck out. He knows all the words and is clearly a big fan! Watch below via Metal Injection.

Of course, the band met Rollins after the show and posted the resulting pic to their Instagram:

Rollins isn’t the only wrestling star who digs metal; check out this recent video to see Brock Lesnar, Bill Goldberg, Shinsuke Nakamura, Kevin Owens, The Miz, Big Cass and more talk about their favorite bands.

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