Slash Claims He and Ex-Wife Perla Ferrar Were Never Legally Married


The fact that Axl Rose and Slash finally patched things up right after Slash and his wife/manager, Perla Hudson (né Ferrar), was lost on nobody. Word was already out that Rose was in a financial world of hurt after the Chinese Democracy fiasco, and it goes without saying that a rich rockstar who is about to lose half of all his earnings from roughly the last twenty years probably wouldn’t mind making a few bucks, too. Money is truly the great uniter.

But now Slash’s divorce has taken a turn for the… well… weird. It seems that The Guitarist Formerly Known as Saul Hudson doesn’t wanna give his ex any money in the divorce. This obviously is not an unusual position and of itself, but the reason he’s using to justify his position is unique: he claims he and Perla were never legally married.

From The MetalSucks of Celebrity Gossip Sites:

“Perla married a guy named Carlos Marty back in ’93, but it only lasted a month. She got divorced, or so she thought. Turns out, the necessary forms for a final judgment was never properly filed.

“Perla assumed she was a single lady when she tied the knot with Slash, and he assumed the same. Years later, the couple tried to get dual citizenship for their son, Cash, and during a document search they discovered she was not properly divorced.”

Although a judge was able to retroactively make the divorce legal in 2009, Slash is still trying to keep his money because, hey, he’s got the lawyers on retainer anyway, might as well try to hold on to as much as he can, right?

Luckily for Perla, TMZ thinks Slash has no case:

“We did some checking, and there’s a law about ‘putative spouses’ … that means if 2 people have a reasonable belief they’re married but there’s some irregularity in the documents, a judge can still treat them as married and divide their earnings so each still gets half.”

In other words, Perla doesn’t have to worry about having to move into a slightly smaller mansion, and you don’t have to worry that Slash will leave GN’R again. So we all win in the end. Like I said: money is truly the great uniter.

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