Will There Be Another Black Sabbath Album?

  • Axl Rosenberg

A lot of people really liked 13, the last album by “Black Sabbath.” Also, it’s hard to think of new questions to ask celebrities that they haven’t been asked seventeen-bajillion times already, so why even try?

Thus, Ultimate Guitar asked Tony Iommi if there will be another Black Sabbath album. Iommi provided this riveting answer:


So, there ya have it. There may be another Black Sabbath album. There may not be. Thank The Holy Hologram of Ronnie James Dio that Iommi was able to provide fans with this valuable insight.

Metal Injection points out that last year Iommi said Geezer Butler doesn’t wanna make another album, but I don’t know why that should be an issue. The world basically ended up giving zero fucks that Bill Ward isn’t in the band anymore. No one should kid themselves that Black Sabbath, as a brand if not a band, is Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi. If Butler doesn’t wanna do it, they can just get Rob Trujillo or someone like that to act as a session bassist. Easy peasy.

Iommi does go on to say rather definitively that the band won’t tour again after the conclusion of their currently-ongoing farewell trek, regardless of whether or not they make another album. So that’s a win at least. Unless you enjoy watching three stationary figures play their instruments while a fourth warbles off-key. Far be it from me to be a Mish Barber-Way. To each their own.

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