War From a Harlots Mouth Claim That “Mentally Challenged” Attila “Blatantly Ripped Us Off”

  • Axl Rosenberg


Add Germany’s War From a Harlots Mouth to the ever-growing list of people who loathe Attila:

The songs in question are WFaHM’s “If You Want to Blame Us for Something Wrong, Please Abuse This Song,” from 2007’s Transmetropolitan, “Obsession,” from Attila’s just-released Chaos. You can compare and contrast the similar sections of these songs below:

Well… those are certainly VERY similar. I suppose there’s just enough difference that Attila could argue it’s just a coincidence, but… it’s not hard to see why WFaHM would assume it was more than a coincidence.

It’ll be interesting to see if Attila respond…

Thanks: P.S.

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