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Metalocalypse Producer/Director Jon Schnepp Reveals More Details of Upcoming Slayer Repentless Comic



Like so many of us, Jon Schnepp is both a metal nerd and what might be called a “traditional” nerd — which is to say he loves comics and genre movies and all that good stuff. Best known to the metal community for his work on Metalocalypse, Schnepp also made a really fun documentary about Tim Burton’s aborted Superman movie, and is a regular over on the movie site Collider, where he regularly participates in debates about comic book movies and other such subjects of the utmost importance.

As first reported in July, Schnepp’s next metal/dork crossover project will be Slayer: Repentless, a three-part comic series based on the trilogy of music videos the band has released to promote their latest album (watch: “Repentless,” “You Against You,” and “Pride in Prejudice”).

Schnepp has now given an interview with Previews World in which he reveals more details about the comic, and it sounds like fans will be pleased with his work:

“Slayer are the Godfathers of Thrash Metal, and staying true to that in the comic world is very important to me. Their music has always pushed boundaries, fearlessly talking about issues that have plagued all humankind across every culture since the dawn of man. To scrape away at the veneer that covers life’s surface and stare into its void — that is what Slayer has always done. I did my best to go into the darkness with that same fearlessness.”

And how, pray tell, did Schnepp “go into the darkness with that same fearlessness”?

“There is death, there is gore, there is extreme violence. Bloody bodies are stacking up from the very first page, and every death has a consequence, every action a reaction, and every character a purpose. This story is about family, and what ties them and separates them from each other and the world around them. The body count is high, and it’s there because of horrible decisions that have been made by every single one of the characters involved. Nobody is innocent, and everybody eventually pays for that, most likely in a horrifying way.”

Like I said — sounds like Slayer fans will get exactly what they want out of this comic.

The debut issue of Slayer: Repentless will be released on January 25, and can be pre-ordered in digital form here. You can read the rest of Preview World’s interview with Schnepp here.

[via Metal Injection]

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